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Programming in AutoLISP is easy. You find a lot of functions in AutoLISP that can be used for performing a lot of tasks. But. There is a complication. Before you start with AutoLISP, you must do some thinking. Even when working with another language. Think first.You must ask yourself. What is the AutoLISP program supposed to do? Or what is done with the AutoLISP program? If you have an answer to one of these questions, then writing the program is easy. And writing the program is done very quickly. Let me give you an example. Here is an AutoLISP program. It is an AutoLISP program that is used to find a second line.(defun c:fndol () (start) (drlns) (setq l1 (selln) l2 (fndol l1) ) (redrw l1 l2) (endpr) )Do you see? There is no real AutoLISP in the program. You see only functions in the program. These are the functions:1. (start)
2. (drlns)
3. (selln)
4. (fndol)
5. (redrw)
6. (endpr)I will not give an explanation of all the functions. I will not tell how they work. I will do it later. In a new post. But do you see? In the main part of the AutoLISP program you only have functions. Each function performs a task. This is how it is. When we know what needs to be done by the AutoLISP program, then we can start with programming. We can write the program. And trust me. That is not too complicated if you know all the functions and if you can look them up. But that is the trick of any good computer program. Write a function for every actions that is undertaken by the program. As you can see in the listing of the AutoLISP program.The program works with functions that perform the tasks. Nothing in the main program. That is so good about functions. When programming in AutoLISP, you can test the functions right away. You can see how they work. If you are programming in Visual Basic. Also use functions. Testing them. You can. But first you have to compile the functions. Functions have another advantage. Suppose you are working with a program, any program, and you want to make changes to it. You can find what function is to be changed. And only make the changes to that function. There is no need to search in the program. If you are programming as has been explained here. The programming is much easier. And changes to the program are no big deal. Next I’m going to talk about the AutoLISP program of this post. I will give an explanation of the program. I will tell how it works.

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Employee Wellness Programs are being implemented to promote health among employees. Employee Wellness Program (EWP) goals are to educate, inform and bring awareness to individual health and safety. Companies use wellness programs as a way to increase productivity and morale while, decreasing healthcare costs, absenteeism and presenteeism. Businesses large and small are facilitating activities and programs that focus on preventive health and health maintenance. Employers are also working to improve employees’ quality of life and quality of work.These programs range from lunch and learn sessions and personal nutrition consulting, to providing quiet rooms and fitness studios. Employees are motivated to participate through strategic marketing (allowing employee involvement in planning) and recognition. Employees track progress in many areas including blood pressure, blood glucose, body mass index, eating habits, physical activity level, and use of stress management techniques. Data is gathered through testing and reporting. Programming is now branching out and being presented in diverse ways including blogs, e-newsletters and online reporting.Corporate wellness program design includes the following steps:1. Identifying employee health conditions and needs- This can be learned/discovered by conducting health risk appraisals on employees and analyzing company data such as health care costs, rate of employee absenteeism and its overall affect on company’s workers’ compensation claims. National health data may also be used and compared to general employee demographics to obtain common health needs areas.2. Assessing employee willingness to participate in an employee wellness program- This is achieved by gathering information in the form of a survey covering what motivators, days/ times for program implementation and program areas that employees would prefer.3. Planning and presenting the program layout- Share program format and processes with managers, company stakeholders and decision makers for buy in and support. Be sure to highlight how the program will benefit the company’s bottom line. Focus on mission and program goals. Include a projected budget. Work in evaluation methods and health screening procedures.4. Implementing a marketing campaign and EWPs- Marketing can include paycheck stuffers, poster flyers, and a health fair rally or kick off. Programming can involve physical fitness programs, smoking cessation programs, pre/postnatal programs, self care programs and financial wellness programs among many other programs.5. Evaluating the success of the program- Appraise employee participation and satisfaction along with post health screening. Analyze results factoring in employee successes, failures and a benefit to cost effectiveness if possible. Periodically make adjustments to program as needed.Companies are increasingly moving toward taking a role in employees’ health and well being. Executives and human resource managers should strongly consider reviewing the company’s current wellness program. EWPs should reflect the company’s genuine support for employee health and honor each employee’s value to the business operation.

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Many online marketers actually don’t know the difference between affiliate programs and referral programs. In fact, most will think that both of these are the same. However, they couldn’t be any further from the truth. There is a huge difference between an affiliate program and a referral program. Knowing the key differences between these two can help a business owner decide on which program they should use for their offers in order to grow their business.The main difference between an affiliate program and a referral program is that an affiliate program is a where the referred leads come from someone the affiliate do not know and as for a referral program, the lead will come from someone they know personally (word of mouth to friends and family).By knowing the difference here you will know that there should be a difference in the structure and the compensation as well.Let us first look at the difference in structure of these two systems.StructureYou see, for affiliate programs, your affiliates are mainly website owners or traffic brokers who have existing traffic that is interested in your offer. So these affiliates place a link on their website and direct traffic to your offer. If someone who uses their link to arrive on your offer and then buys the offer your affiliate gets paid. And this is usually done automatically because of the use of modern technology that tracks the cookies of the visitors. Even the crediting of the sale is also done automatically.A referral program’s referrer however, is normally your own existing customers. Usually they are not webmasters or anyone who can bring in a lot of traffic. They are compensated if they would recommend your offer to someone they know personally. The main strategy here is to promote customer satisfaction via good quality and services so that your customers will start referring your offers around. The compensation is to encourage them to try harder to get you the lead.Compensation The compensation model is usually an agreed percentage based on the sales. It could differ greatly from the first 10 customer referred compared to the 1000th customer. The affiliates can be compensated with other bonus incentives as well or prize if they could reach a certain amount of sales per month. In order words, the compensation model for an affiliate program can be very complicated, but it is definitely very flexible as merchants usually would love to encourage their best affiliates to try harder to grow their business.The compensation model used in a referral program is quite simple when compared to the model used in an affiliate program. Usually is in in terms of cash or a bonus reward. No fancy tricks. Just a simple send me a customer and you get a discount on future purchases or some cash reward.Relationship with ‘Referred’ CustomersThe relationship of an affiliate with their referred customer is basically none. They do not know personally who their referred persons are, and they send traffic based on demographics. Hence the chance of conversion from a lead to a paying customer is much lower.In a referral program, the referred usually have a strong relationship with the person they refer it to. They will try their best to explain your product with enthusiasm. This usually results in a much higher conversion rate. The only problem is that referral programs usually do not bring in as much traffic as an affiliate could and affiliates can usually bring in much more profit than a referrer could.AgreementsWhen it comes to making an agreement with affiliates, you will need to be more careful as it is a two way link where it benefits both parties. You need your affiliates to perform as much as your affiliates need you to convert the traffic that they send to you. Plus, the agreements need to meet the FTC rules when it comes to affiliate programs.However, with referral programs, everything is kept as simple as possible. As long as they refer a customer, they get compensated. There is no need for any special agreements.Which One Is Better?It is safe to say that both types of programs are going to be beneficial to growing your business. Affiliates will definitely be able to bring in more traffic and sales for you. However, a good referrer can easily increase your branding and reputation. Giving the chance, they would even make good comments about your offer on social sites or Facebook, which can potentially help you get even more exposure and sales.Hence as a business owner, it is best if you could set up both an affiliate program and a referral program to get the best out of both worlds. Just think about it, your affiliate will drive you the initial sales and capital required for more advertising and improving on your product’s quality. And your referral strike force will be out there giving you the best kind of testimonials you could ever hope for.Lastly, you will realize that because referral programs generally convert better, affiliates are now using ‘review and recommendation’ tactics that are similar while mimicking a referrer’s job which is to build some sort of trust and relationship with their traffic first and thus preselling your offer first. This is known to help a lot with affiliate conversions.Therefore, although most people will think that referral programs are not worth the time, you should know better by now that referral programs can help you build a better brand reputation.

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It can become quite confusing to make a choice in life when you have diverse choices to choose from. The same thing happen on the inter when you are trying to choose the best affiliate marketing program to work with. It is crucial to your success as an affiliate that you choose the right program.Here’s what to look to for when you are choosing an affiliate program:Top qualityIt is most essential to your success that you select the affiliate program that has a good history behind it, with a trustworthy and experienced team who knows what they are talking about. Make sure the products and services on offer are of the utmost quality in the marketplace. bear in mind that when you join a program, you will be putting your credibility on the line to endorse it. If the program is of a top quality and trustworthy, then you will also be viewed the same way.In demand productsEnsure that you are updated on the market trends and what products are in demand. Research is important as it will give you an idea as to what is hot at the appropriate moment and what customers are already buying. By doing this, you will be in a better position to find an affiliate program that is selling a particular in demand product. Remember, it is a lot easier to sell an in demand product.It will make things much easier for you as an affiliate to sell an in demand product as you won’t have to do any hard work to get the product noticed. The product will basically sell itself since it is already popular among paying customers.High commissions payment planThe first and foremost reason people become affiliates is to earn an income; therefore, as most affiliates already know, you get paid a commission off every sale you make. There are different percentages of commissions in different affiliate programs. There’s no reason for you to settle for a low commission program when you can easily get into a high percentage one.The best affiliate programs to join are those that offer high commission payments. What is high commission rates? These are programs that pays you, the affiliate, about 50 percent to 70 percent off every sale you generate. I would strongly advise you to stay away from programs paying less than that. It’s not worth the effort to get low commission when you get higher ones with the same amount of effort you put in. You can even get into programs that pays you 100 percent commissions.Affiliate programs usually have high conversion rates.what are conversion rates?This is the time it requires for a potential customer to click on your affiliate link to the time they become a paying customer. This can be painstakingly slow as some prospects will take as much as 60 days before they decide to buy anything.A high conversion rate is a great indication that a program is the best one to work with. What this basically means is that potential customers become paying customers faster. Bottom line is, the more paying customers you can bring to your affiliate program, the more commissions you will earn.Examine a program’s website to learn more about their conversion rates. some affiliate programs publish such information on their sites, others don’t. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you will have no other choice but to make us of targeted visitors to test out the product in order to see how well it converts.Full 24 hour supportIf you are a newbie just starting out in the affiliate marketing world, you should make sure that the program you join offers full support on a 24 hour basis; because there are many programs out there that simply dumps there products on you then leave you to feign for yourself without any kind of support at all.Avoid such affiliate programs at all cost. The best programs to choose from are those that offer their affiliates plenty of information, training, and support all the way. Having a 24 hour support system at your disposal will benefit you if you ever run into trouble with your program.

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MBA programs can be online or offline (traditional). The study material is the same but there are many differences between these two programs. Online MBA programs are for people who have a job and don’t want to quit it. They either need the degree so they can get to a higher position or get a bigger salary. Online programs offer all materials, coursework and tutorials online. They don’t need on campus presence and you can choose when you want to look at the tutorials and study.There are chats and online forums for the students to talk and exchange ideas. The only important tool that you need to successfully commit to an online program is a PC and an internet connection. There is no difference in the number of credits and the time spent studying between online and offline programs. Most MBA programs last two years and the total credit score is 36. It is essential to clear the CMAT or CAT test before you get accepted.The one main difference that sets apart the programs, is the place where the classes are held. In online programs you attend classes from your computer and in offline programs you attend classes on campus, just like most students. Offline programs have a class instructor and if they have a problem they can address him for a solution. Online students can discuss and request online help on the web. Every class from an online program has the facilities of a message board, e-mail, instant messaging and online classes where students can hold a conversation. There is an online journal and library for students so they can have all the services that are available on campus. Both online and offline students have to finish their assignments on time and send them to the instructor. The documentation needed for applying is the same for both programs. Online programs are flexible and perfect for people who are busy and want to create their own schedule. However the same discipline and effort is needed to finish the online program.Online programs are very helpful and have saved thousands of people from quitting their job, to get higher education. However, the offline programs give students the possibility to work as a real team and that is very important for business situations later on. Another thing you can learn in an offline program is to meet deadlines, negotiate, deal with different agendas and learn how to work with people.Both programs have a lot of advantages. The choice you make depends only on you. The online program is more focused on technology and the offline program enables you to experience simulated business situations that can be a great experience and a great lesson. Choose an online program only if the circumstances are tending that way.

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In the R/3 System, there are various ABAP program types. The program type determines the basic technical attributes of the program, and you must set it when you create it.Type 1 Type 1 do not have to be controlled using user-defined screens. These are controlled by the runtime environment. Type 1 are called as Executable programs as they can be executed by typing the name of the program directly. Type 1 are also called as Online program. Type 1 in the R/3 System are often referred to as reports. type 1 do not require any user dialog. You can also assign a transaction code to an executable program. This kind of transaction is called a report transaction.Type M Type M can only be controlled using screen flow logic. You must start them using a transaction code, which is linked to the program and one of its screens (initial screen). You must define your own screens in the Screen Painter (although the initial screen can be a selection screen). Type M are called as Module pools or Dialogue programs.Type F Type F are containers for function modules. They cannot be started using a transaction code or by entering their name directly. They can be called from other executable programs or Module Pool programs by inserting the code of the Function Module. Type F are called as Function groups. Function modules may only be programmed in function groups. Apart from function modules, function groups can contain global data declarations and subroutines. These are visible to all function modules in the group. Function Modules and Function groups can be created using transaction code SE37 or SE80.Type K Type K are containers for global classes in ABAP Objects. They cannot be started by using a program name or using a Transaction Code. Type K programs are known as Class definitions or Class pool. Type K are created using a Class Builder (SE 24).Type J You cannot start Type J programs using a transaction code or by entering the program name directly. They are containers for global interface in ABAP Objects. Type J are known as Interface definitions or Interface pool. You create interface definitions in the Class Builder.Type S Type S are known as Subroutine pools. They are containers for subroutines. You cannot start a type S using a transaction code or by entering the program name. Instead, they are containers for subroutines, which you can call externally from other ABAP programs. They cannot contain screens.Type I Type I are called as Includes or Include program. They are used to make code simpler by breaking it into smaller units. You can insert the coding of an include program at any point in another ABAP program using the INCLUDE statement. There is no technical relationship between include programs and processing blocks. They cannot be run using the program name or a transaction code.

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How do you fully implement an effective customer incentive program?Executives who lead sales organizations, and for that matter, those reading this book, are not expected to have advanced knowledge of marketing strategies and social media. Nonetheless, those same executives should understand the principles of keeping your companies’ brand and products in the foreground of your customers. After all sales and marketing are one in the same, understand the correlation. We will explore straightforward concepts that will augment the efforts of the marketing department within your organization that are directly related building sales results. We will discuss programs that are directly related to the sales function and would be a compliment to the marketing division in your company.Customer Incentive Programs – Airlines, car rental companies, credit card companies, and multiple other industries have proven that this is an effective way to influence customer purchasing habits. Incentive programs require a substantial investment for most organizations and they should be designed to provide significant return on investment to the organization. Incentive programs are widely used in private industry no matter how large or how small your company.The key element to any customer incentive program is to properly design the program and features to the benefit of your company and the interests of the customer. These programs require the full participation of the benefactors as well as the employees in your organization, every single person involved in the program must be fully engaged in order to make the program a success.It is highly recommended that you engage the services of a third party incentive-company. These firms will assist you in the development of the program details specifically suited to your business. In addition, these organizations have pre-printed merchandise catalogs, they have exclusive knowledge of resort properties, will administer the program tracking and will set up web-sites to enroll and track participant results.These companies work on a commission base related to the travel itinerary and merchandise purchases. The investment in these incentive companies will provide a valuable resource to you and will enhance the overall customer experience and support the minute details of the program. Details to be considered when designing the program include:What works for other companies does not guarantee success with your company; never emulate a competitors program, if one even exists.Engage the service of a professional incentive company to assist in the administration.Establish clearly defined rules and regulations and the rules should be easy to understand by the customer who will be participating in the program and easy to understand for the sales people who will be selling the program concept to the customer.The rules defined into the program should always cover who will be eligible for the reward, especially if you are offering a travel incentive to a resort destination. Many times, companies will hand the reward to family members and the primary concept of a travel incentive program is to spend quality time with your core customers, not one of their relatives.The program should be designed to promote the organizations strategic goals and product categories, make sure you consult other departments and thoroughly think about this objective to insure it is effective.The program should be designed as a profit center rather that a company expense. Simply stated, the goal of the program should be to drive corporate profit at a higher ratio than program expenditure.The program should be tailored to participants’ interests and the program should have attainable and measurable goals for the participant.Reward employees with participation in the program for getting a high percentage of their participants to enroll and qualify, possibly design it into their compensation plan.Insure that the program is quantifiable and accountable from an IT (reporting) standpoint. It is imperative that your company can track the data you designed into the program. If you designate certain base level purchases combined with performance goals, you need to make sure that these elements can be monitored and tabulated from an administration point of view.

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There are many terrifying stories about affiliate programs and networks. You’ve probably heard of it yourself over and over again, that some are even skeptical of joining one. The stories they may have heard are those related to illegal programs and or pyramid schemes. Basically, this kind of market does not have real worthy products and or services.You do not want to find yourself to be associated with these schemes. You want to be with a program that offers high quality product and or services that you will readily endorse. The growing number of those who have joined already and are succeeding immensely is proof enough that there are reliable and quality affiliate programs out there.Why participate in an affiliate program?It allows you to work part-time. It gives you the opportunity to build a generous residual income. And it makes you an owner of a small business entity and can and will grew immensely. Affiliate programs have already created lots of millionaires. They are the living testimony of how hard work; continuous prospecting, motivating and training others pay off.If you are deciding to join a program, you must take note of what you are getting into, maybe you may need to consider something that is patterned to what you are capable of. This will be an assurance that you are capable of doing anything to come out successful.How do you choose a good affiliate program to promote? Here are 10 tips you may want to look over before choosing one:1. A program that you like and have interest in.One of the best ways of knowing if that is the kind of program you wish to promote is if you are interested in purchasing the products yourself. If that is the case chances are, there are many others who are also interested in the same program and products.2. Look for a program that is of high quality.For instance, look for one that is associated with many experts in that particular industry. This way, you are assured that of the standard of the program you will be joining into.3. Join the ones that offer real and viable products.How do you know this? Do some initial research. If possible, track down some of the members and customers to give you testimonial on the credibility of the program.4. The program that is catering to a growing target market.This will ensure you that there will be more and continuous demands for your referrals. Make inquiries. There are forums and discussions you can participate in to get good and reliable feed-backs5. A program with a compensation planThat pays out a residual income and a payout of 40% or more would be a great choice.There are some programs offering this kind of compensation. Look closely for one. Do not waste your time with programs that do not reward substantially for your efforts.6. Be aware of the minimum quotasQuotas that you must fulfill or sales target that is too hard to achieve. Some affiliate programs imposes pre-requisites before you get your commissions. Just be sure that you are capable of attaining their requirements.7. Select one that has plenty of tools and resourcesThat can help you grow the business in the shortest possible time. Not all affiliate programs have these capacities. Make use you decide on one with lots of helpful tools you can use.8. Check out if the program has a proven systemThat can allow you to check your networks and compensation. Also check if they have it available online for you to check anytime and anywhere.9. The program that is offering strong incentivesThis will enable members to renew their membership each time.The affiliate program that provides continuous help and upgrades for its products have the tendency to retain its members. These things can assure the growth of your networks.10. Be aware of the things that members are not happy about in a program.Like with the ones mentioned above, you can do your checking at discussion forums. If you know someone in that same program, there is ho harm asking if there are many downsides involved.Have a thorough and intensive knowledge about the affiliate program and network you will be promoting on.Knowing the kind of program you are getting yourself into will make you anticipate and prevent any future problems you may encounter.Quote of the Day:”The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”- Walt Disney