MBA Programs: Online Vs Offline Programs |

MBA programs can be online or offline (traditional). The study material is the same but there are many differences between these two programs. Online MBA programs are for people who have a job and don’t want to quit it. They either need the degree so they can get to a higher position or get a bigger salary. Online programs offer all materials, coursework and tutorials online. They don’t need on campus presence and you can choose when you want to look at the tutorials and study.There are chats and online forums for the students to talk and exchange ideas. The only important tool that you need to successfully commit to an online program is a PC and an internet connection. There is no difference in the number of credits and the time spent studying between online and offline programs. Most MBA programs last two years and the total credit score is 36. It is essential to clear the CMAT or CAT test before you get accepted.The one main difference that sets apart the programs, is the place where the classes are held. In online programs you attend classes from your computer and in offline programs you attend classes on campus, just like most students. Offline programs have a class instructor and if they have a problem they can address him for a solution. Online students can discuss and request online help on the web. Every class from an online program has the facilities of a message board, e-mail, instant messaging and online classes where students can hold a conversation. There is an online journal and library for students so they can have all the services that are available on campus. Both online and offline students have to finish their assignments on time and send them to the instructor. The documentation needed for applying is the same for both programs. Online programs are flexible and perfect for people who are busy and want to create their own schedule. However the same discipline and effort is needed to finish the online program.Online programs are very helpful and have saved thousands of people from quitting their job, to get higher education. However, the offline programs give students the possibility to work as a real team and that is very important for business situations later on. Another thing you can learn in an offline program is to meet deadlines, negotiate, deal with different agendas and learn how to work with people.Both programs have a lot of advantages. The choice you make depends only on you. The online program is more focused on technology and the offline program enables you to experience simulated business situations that can be a great experience and a great lesson. Choose an online program only if the circumstances are tending that way.