Qualified Note Finder Aids in Your Decision to Sell Or Create Your Real Estate Note

The keyword is qualified. Using a qualified note finder will save you precious time, effort, and money, once you have decided to sell or create your real estate note. A qualified note finder or simply “finder” has already built good relationships with all the leading note buyers, so the finder will be able to quickly find you the best quote. Instead of you going from buyer to buyer, the note finder contacts them for you and comes back to you with the highest quote.

Plus, these cash flow specialists know exactly what to look for in a real estate note (also known as a cash flow or note). A qualified note finder will be able to tell you point blank if your real estate note has value or not. If your cash flow does hold value, the finder will be able to give you a ball park projection of what your cash flow is worth. This will give you an idea right off the bat, whether or not you want to move forward with the sale of your real estate note. It not an easy decision, but a note finder will provide you with the information you need to put your mind at ease.

A qualified note finder will do this by giving you a breakdown of the whole process. The finder will let you know what to expect, and when to expect it. A finder will not offer legal advice, but will be help you understand everything involved with your note sale. When selling your note please give accurate information in regards to your cash flow. This will ensure you get the highest quote possible, and you will receive your money much faster.

If you are thinking about creating a real estate note, a qualified note finder will be able to outline the parameters that note buyers look for when purchasing a cash flow. More importantly, they will be able to connect you with a buyer that wants to purchase the real estate note after creation.

A little tip – using a qualified note finder when creating a cash flow could mean the difference between money now and receiving small payments long term. The finder knows what buyers look for in a new cash flow, so ask a finder what they think before you rush into the process. It could be a costly decision on your part. It is better to get the facts first. A finder will have the answers, and those answers will not cost you a penny. Qualified finders consult for free.

A qualified finder plays many crucial parts in the real estate note game. Two have been explained in this article. Your finder will get you a great quote for your real estate note while saving you valuable time and effort. For those of you creating new notes, your finder will outline the criteria for drawing up a valuable cash flow note. With that said, plan to use a qualified note finder when creating or selling a real estate note. Now, do yourself a favor and research before selling or creating your real estate note. Locate a qualified note finder and ask a lot of questions. I hope you come across a finder that gives you helpful information, and ultimately meets all your needs.

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Marketing Strategy: Let an Online Business Manager Lead the Way

When you have an online business manager on your team, one of her primary responsibilities might be to partner with you to create your overall marketing strategy. That includes everything from brainstorming to campaign planning to hiring contractors to execute creative, setting up response tracking metrics, and so on. An Online Business Manager can handle all of these important elements:

  1. Work with you to create a baseline “state of the business” evaluation. You need a clear understanding of your market, your products and/or services, what sets you apart from competitors, and your market share. You need to know not only what you are doing, but also what your competitors are doing and how it’s different (or similar) to what you offer. Be detailed about your business’ strengths, weaknesses, external threats, and opportunities.
  2. Get a handle on product positioning. What makes your product special? What features make it stand out? Decide what features will appeal to different customers. For some, convenience is a top priority, but others are just looking for a good price. And still others hold out for top quality. You can’t offer everything, so determine what makes the most sense for your business.
  3. Help you clarify marketing goals. What are you trying to achieve? A growth in sales? By how much? More customers? How many? Keep a running list of large and small goals.
  4. Define tactics. How will you achieve your goals? There are many ways: sales contact by phone, email or in person. There’s social media marketing. There’s direct (snail) mail. And there’s advertising. Decide when you will utilize which methods to reach your goals.
  5. Draw up a marketing budget. Remember, to make money you (usually) have to spend money. You should never spend more than you can afford, but over time you’ll win more business and your marketing budget can expand accordingly.

Just imagine how smoothly your business might run all year when you have a professionally developed marketing strategy set for the whole year! You’d have the freedom to devise new offerings or even just take some well-deserved vacation.

It’s not right for every entrepreneur or small business, but if yours is well established and ready to move to the next level, an online business manager can help you get there. Let’s connect to see if you are ready to work with an Online Business Manager. Just take my quick and easy self-assessment quiz to find out how!